Why should I wash my dog at a dog wash?

This is probably the most-asked question, and we always hear it from folks who have never used a self serve dog wash before. The reason? Because once you try it, you'll be hooked. Let's count off the benefits..... 1) less stress for your dog, 2) no mess for you to clean at home, 3) less expensive than paying someone else to do it, 4) no supplies to buy, 5) one quick stop, rather than two trips to a groomer, 6) no appointment necessary, 7) no aching back and sore knees from your bathroom tub, 8) spending quality time with your 4-legged friend, 9) no more hair-clogged drains or backed-up septic tanks at home, 10) quality time with other family members, 11) teaches children about responsible pet ownership, 12) professional facilities make the job easier, and finally, because it's FUN. Oh yeah, and we are the ONLY pet business open on Sunday in Tehachapi when you're on your way home from the beach, camping, the river, or grandma's farm with a stinky dog!