Lost & Found Pets

How to report a lost or found pet

Please review the current lost/found reports at one of these 3 sites to see if there is a matching report, i.e. someone looking for that pet, or someone who might have found yours:

If your lost/found pet is not listed on any of these sites, send an email to rescue@caninecreek.com with the following information.  Be sure to include a photo, if available.

  • Is this a Lost or Found Pet?

  • Date the pet was Lost/Found
  • Type of Pet  (Dog, Cat, Other)
  • Sex & Breed
  • Color, Markings & Age
  • Pet's Name
  • Is the pet spayed/neutered?
  • Wearing a collar?  If so, what color/pattern? Is pet wearing ID tags?
  • Is it microchipped?  If so, by what company?
  • Any other distinguishing characteristics, behaviors or markings?
  • Where was the pet lost or found? (Please be specific: i.e. cross-streets/neighborhood)
  • In the case of a found pet, where is it being held and until what date?
  • Contact person for the report (include name, email and/or phone numbers)

The info you email to us will be posted to all three websites listed above on your behalf.  However, to be thorough, we suggest you also contact the Tehachapi News classified ad department to file a lost/found pet report to be printed in the newspaper (at no cost), list the pet with FidoFinder and PetFinder, call theanimal shelters in Bakersfield, and file a report with Kern County Animal Control in Mojave.  You might also want to contact local pet businesses (vets, groomers, etc), as many have bulletin boards where you can post lost/found pet information.

Click Here to Report a Lost or Found Pet