About Tehachapi

Where We Live

After spending several years living in the high desert California town of Acton, we decided it was time for a change of scenery. In July 2002 we found a lovely home in Bear Valley Springs, a gated community located a few miles west of the city of Tehachapi. Although the town of Tehachapi is quite small by Southern California standards (nearly 40,000 residents), we have many amenities and events that make this a wonderful place to live.

Lots to See & Do

From the annual Mountain Festival, Christmas parade, and 4th of July celebrations, to a multitude of art and theater events, there is always something to do in our little haven. Attractions that bring tourists to Tehachapi include the new Woodward West (a gymnastics, BMX & skate park sports camp facility), an annual native American Indian Powwow, a working ostrich ranch (tours available), a botanical garden, a couple nice campgrounds and golf courses, and the scenic wind energy turbine windmills. Tehachapi is also known for its apple orchards, so it isn't hard to find a good bushel of apples or a fresh hot apple pie during harvest time.

Local Railroading History

Train buffs might know about Tehachapi because of the world famous Tehachapi Loop, an ingenious stretch of railroad track that makes a complete 360 degree circuit (doubling back on itself) so the trains can easily navigate the steep grade down into the Bakersfield area. The Loop, finished in 1876, allowed the Southern Pacific Railroad to bring trains across the 4000+ foot elevation Tehachapi Mountain pass, down into the Central Valley 500 feet above sea level. It's interesting to watch as a train passes through the main tunnel, with its rear cars circling 77 feet overhead, passing over its own front cars. The Loop overlook viewing area can be reached from either Highway 58 (exit at Keene) or from Tehachapi via the Tehachapi-Woodford Road. Follow the signs to the Loop monument.

When you're in the neighborhood....

If you're ever driving on Highway 58 between Bakersfield and Mojave in the Antelope Valley (Lancaster/Palmdale area), leave time to stop in Tehachapi's old town. We highly recommend a visit to The Apple Shed for some fantastic baked goods, a meal in their restaurant (the Tri-Tip is excellent) and a piece of home-made fudge -- over 20 different flavors are available each day.  The Apple Shed is dog friendly, and you're welcome to take your pets onto the outdoor patio, where you can also watch the trains go by on our very busy tracks.  If you need to walk off your meal at the Apple Shed, there are a couple antiques and collectibles shops located on the main street (Tehachapi Blvd.), and a small but interesting local history museum a couple blocks down the side street.  Need a snack after your walk?  Stop in to Kohnen's Bakery for a deli sandwich or some excellent baked goods.  Dogs are also welcome on the Kohnen's patio.  For a good cuppa Joe, organic food, free WiFi and some great life music several nights a week, and yet another a laid-back dog-friendly patio, check out Mama Hillybeans... one block west of Canine Creek.

Ready to visit Tehachapi?


Just follow the signs off Highway 58 to Tehachapi Blvd.... it is an easy on/off coming from the East or West. If you need more information about the Tehachapi area, visit the Chamber of Commerce office located at 209 E. Tehachapi Blvd. Their phone number is (661) 822-4180.

 Planning a visit to Tehachapi?  Here's the current weather....