Doggie Photo Shoot!

06-Feb-2013 from 1-5pm

CASTING CALL! A talent company will be doing a casting call photo shoot at Canine Creek on Wednesday, February 6th starting at 1pm. They are looking for adult dogs to be featured on print media for nationally-distributed products. They are looking for the following breeds:

Dogs must be adults (no seniors or puppies), at a good healthy weight, well-behaved on leash and around other dogs, cannot be shaved, and should look like the breed standard (no mixes). There is no pay for this if your dog is selected, but you will have bragging rights!

Please, bring only the breeds requested for this shoot. If chosen, we will discuss the details with you as far as payment logistics and how it all works (don't sell your house and make plans to move to Aruba yet. Animal Actors are not paid on the same scale as their human counterparts even though many of them are far more talented). We will also, with your permission, keep your dog's photos on file for consideration for upcoming projects