Walk-in Vaccine, Nail Trim & Microchip Clinic

09-May-2015 from 1:30 to 3:30pm

Shots for dogs and cats offered by Dr. David Gantenbein of Antelope Valley Animal Hospital, and nail trimming by Janice Gantenbein. Vaccine prices: 6 in 1 (dog) = $18 (includes Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Corona, and Heptitis 1 and 2), 4 in 1 (cats) = $11, Rabies with certificate = $8, Bordatella = $13, Rattlesnake vaccine = $22. The 4-in-1 + Feline Leukemia for cats is $23. All vaccines are also subject to a $2 disposal fee per needle used. Nail trimming $15 to $20 per pet, depending on nail condition and pet cooperation. Microchipping is $35 per pet, plus a $19.95 one-time registration fee payable to Avid (not annual). Microchips are CASH ONLY, and pet owners will need to complete their chip directly registration with Avid. Payments for shots/nails may be made by cash/check to Dajazoo. Want to learn more about Dr. Dave and his practice? Visit the veterinarian bio page at AV Animal Hospital.