The perfect tub wash

Bonding time for you and your pup … we’ll clean up

Professional quality stainless steel, waist high, grooming tubs with high backsplash and sides that will safely hold any size dog … from the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Saint Bernard. No more back strain and knee pain from washing the dog in your bathroom’s “human” tub! Tie-downs are included, allowing the dog to face right or left, so you don’t have to worry about holding them in place … and you can easily wash both sides of the dog. Inside each tub is a raised grate platform, which keeps Fido out of the wet, hairy, soapy water during bathing and drying, making the job easier.

We have three tubs to accommodate and no appointment is necessary. We have curtains between each tub to give your pup extra privacy, if needed. Plus, if you need help, we’re just a second away.

Includes ALL These Amenities

Even with the basic bath, you and your furry friend will have a complete experience that will bring you back on a regular basis. Each washing station includes all of the following for one low-fixed price…

  • Choice of Shampoo
  • Waterproof apron to keep you clean and dry
  • Rubber scrubbing brush, as well as other brushes and combs 
  • Bath Towels – Use as many as you need!
  • Professional high-velocity pet hair dryer
  • Grooming tables with tie-downs also available for use


No appointment necessary

Our facilities are available on a first come, first served walk-in basis, so you can stop by whenever it’s convenient for you. Stairs are provided to help get big dogs into the tub, or onto the grooming table, without straining your back. For those of you with multiple dogs, holding crates are available in the shop so no one has to be left at home, or in a hot car, while waiting their turn for a bath.


After hours appointments available

If you can’t make it during normal bathing hours, or if you are concerned about bringing your pet in while others are enjoying their baths, after hours appointments are available for an additional $10. Call us 24 hours in advance and we’ll make arrangements.


Cleanliness is very important to us

In order to provide the nicest bathing experience, and prevent the spread of pet-related diseases, our tubs and brushes are cleaned and disinfected after each use with a hospital-quality, germicidal, anti-bacterial cleaning solution. Our white pet towels are cleaned in a commercial grade washer with bleach, and dried on the hottest setting possible. The shop is also wiped down, mopped and vacuumed daily to insure that each customer enjoys a clean environment … whether they’re the first or last visitor of the day.


Sit back and relax

Bringing along a friend or family member, and wonder what they’ll do while you’re bathing Fido? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure they are comfortable. We have a chairs out front and a bench to sit on in the bathing room. 


Convenient hours, 7 days a week

Shop hours year-round are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. We are closed on seven national holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, as well as some days surrounding these holidays, depending on when they fall during the week. Dogs need to be in the tubs at least 30 minutes prior to closing (5:30 p.m. on weekdays and 4 p.m. on weekends.) If our days or hours of operation change from what is posted above, we will update Facebook with this information, and post a notice on the Canine Creek front door.


Cats are welcome at Canine Creek, as are other small domestic pets

If you have a special needs, an anxious or aggressive pet, please call us at (661) 822-0307 in advance of your visit to let us know you’re coming in for a bath. We will do what we can to accommodate your needs.


Discounts Available

We offer a variety of discount and savings programs. They are subject to change without notice, and may not be combined (no double discounting):

  • Every 10th Basic Bath Free: Perfect for high maintenance dogs and multi-dog households
  • Senior Citizens:  50% off every Wednesday for self-serve bathing only
  • Military: 25% off any day of the week for basic self-serve bathing with with your Military ID
  • Pound Puppies: Adopt a shelter dog? Bring in your adoption paperwork and your new dog’s first bath is 50% off. This is our way of saying THANKS for saving a life!



Tub usage fees are charged by the size, breed and/or coat type of your dog, to make the prices appropriate to the amount of water, shampoo and tub time needed by each customer. Because we charge by the type of dog, there is no time limit … so please take your time and enjoy bonding with your pup during their bath. Following are the general pricing guidelines. The actual amount charged for your dog(s) may vary, depending on his size, coat type and coat length/condition.

Prices range between $14 -$24.

** PLEASE NOTE: Dogs with long hair, thick coats, or that are matted may be categorized into a higher price range than the weight guidelines listed above. Prices are subject to change without notice.



Can I bring my own supplies? 

Yes. We have all the supplies you’ll need to get your dog clean and dry — combs, brushes, dematting tools, towels, shampoo and high speed dryers — but you are free to bring along anything you’d like from home. Please note, however, that we do not discount the fees if you bring your own supplies.

Do you allow animals other than dogs? 

Yes, but usually not during normal business hours. Most small domestic pets, such as cats, ferrets, rabbits, etc are welcome, but please call the shop first to check if your pet type is allowed, and if the “coast is clear.” Advance appointments are REQUIRED for animals other than dogs in order to keep the peace, and make the shop safe for all visitors.

How do I get my big dog into your raised tubs? 

We offer steps to help get large dogs up into the tubs. If your dog won’t go for the steps, we are happy to assist with a lift into the tub, provided it is safe for everyone involved to do so. Please note, however, that we do not require our staff to handle customer’s dogs … assisting with lifts is completely at their discretion, if they feel safe and comfortable handling your particular dog.

How does the dryer work? 

Our 2-speed dryers are made especially for pets. They offer a high-velocity, forced air stream that literally “blasts” the water out of the dog’s coat. They have no heating element so they dry even heavy-coated dogs without drying out the coat or skin. The dryer output is approximately 60 degrees above room temperature, so the temperature will vary slightly during the day, and will run warmer when the dryer has been used for prolonged periods of time. Because of the noise level and high velocity of the airstream, the dryer nozzle should never be pointed directly at the dog’s eyes or ears … a towel is best used on these sensitive areas. Cloth ear coverings are available to buffer the noise of the blow dry.

I’ve never washed my own dog. Can you help me? 

We are happy to offer advice and bathing suggestions. If you do not think self-serve will work for you, we have amazing groomers in store that can help you and your pup.

My dog is aggressive. Is he welcome at your shop? 

In most cases, yes, but under certain conditions. If your dog exhibits the tendency to bite we may require you to muzzle him, or make a special appointment outside normal business hours. Please contact us to discuss the situation prior to bringing your dog into the shop.

The shampoo doesn’t lather much. Is it getting my dog clean? 

Yes! The professional grooming shampoos we use are specifically formulated for dogs and cats. They are PH balanced for pet’s skin (which is different from ours). The shampoos offer a deep clean without drying out the coat, are safe for puppies and kittens and contain no harsh additives that build up. They do not lather like human shampoo, nor do they need to. Lather is nothing more than air bubbles, and bubbles don’t get the dog clean … the shampoo ingredients matter. Don’t worry … we’ll supply you with as much shampoo as you feel you need to get the job done. We don’t want anyone leaving dirty!

There is water on the floor. What should I do? 

Notify a staff member as soon as possible, and we will mop up for you. Please do not use the white pet towels on the floor, as the concrete paint can stain them. If your dog is hanging his head or legs over the side of the tub (the most frequent reason for a flood) the tub tie-down you are using is probably too long. Ask a staff member for a shorter one — they are available in two sizes.

What if my dog is afraid of the dryer? 

Most dogs don’t particularly like the dryer, but are willing to tolerate the process if you are gentle and encourage them to be calm. Dogs that are noise sensitive can usually be calmed by putting cloth ear muffs over their ears. We have some on hand, so please ask if you need them. If you don’t want to use the dryers, we are happy to supply all the clean fluffy towels you need to get the job done, but the dryer is definitely quicker and more efficient.

What is the Clean Dog Club and how does it work? 

The Clean Dog Club is a frequent bathers reward system. After every 9th paid bath, you’ll receive your 10th bath free. The number of baths is counted on a per FAMILY basis (not per dog), so every visit counts toward the total, regardless of which dirty dog gets washed. We keep track of your baths, so you don’t have to worry about having a punch card, accumulating receipts, or anything along those lines. If we forget to ask your name upon check-out, please remind us that you have a card on file, so you receive credit for that visit.

When is the best time to visit so I don’t have to wait? 

We usually have the most bathing traffic from 10 a.m. to Noon during the week, and all day on the weekends. The slowest times are generally mid-day, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. However, as we have three tubs and one grooming table, a long wait is unlikely at any time. If you have the ability to come during the week, its best to avoid Saturday and Sunday, which can be rather hectic at times. We also tend to be quite busy the week before any major holiday. While we don’t hold tubs by reservation, you can call in advance to see how busy we are before you come in. Our number is (661) 822-0307.

Why isn’t the water hot? Can I adjust the temperature? 

The temperature is set at our water heater, and re-circulated to the tubs by an electric pump, to keep it at a constant level. Because dogs tend to overheat when they are nervous (is Fido panting?), the lukewarm water may seem a bit cool to you, but it will be more comfortable for your dog. As all three tubs are on the same system, the water temperature cannot be adjusted individually. Using this automated temperature system is safer, as it prevents owners from inadvertently burning their dogs (or themselves), with water that is too hot. Generally speaking, we keep the water temperature a bit higher in winter, and cooler during warm weather months.

Why should I wash my dog at a dog wash? 

This is probably the most-asked question, and we always hear it from folks who have never used a self-serve dog wash before. The reason? Because once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Let’s count off the benefits … 1.) less stress for your dog 2.) no mess for you to clean at home 3.) less expensive than paying someone else to do it 4.) no supplies to buy 5.) one quick stop, rather than two trips to a groomer 6.) no appointment necessary 7.) no aching back and sore knees from your bathroom tub 8.) spending quality time with your 4-legged friend 9.) no more hair-clogged drains or backed-up septic tanks at home 10.) quality time with other family members 11.) teaches children about responsible pet ownership 12.) professional facilities make the job easier, and finally, because it’s FUN. Oh yeah, and we are the ONLY pet business open on Sunday in Tehachapi when you’re on your way home from the beach, camping, the river, or grandma’s farm with a stinky dog!

Will you clip my dog’s toenails for me?

Our amazing groomers are available at various times Tuesday thru Sunday. We also have nail clippers available for your use in the shop, and sell them in two sizes for home use. If you don’t know how to cut your pet’s nails, or prefer not to do it yourself, we suggest you call ahead of time to make sure our groomers are available. Nail trims from our groomers cost $10.


House rules

Guidelines for Dirty Dogs

  • Dogs must be on leash, held in your arms, or in carriers at all times, and under the control of an adult.  For the safety of all our guests, please lock your retractable leashes to 6 feet or less while in the shop.
  • Do not leave pets unattended at any time.
  • Make a mess?  Please notify us right away so we can mop up to prevent slip hazards.
  • For health and safety reasons, we recommend that puppies be over 4 months, with all their puppy shots, before you bring them to the shop.
  • Please keep a close eye on your pets while browsing through the store.  Items damaged by chewing, leg lifting, etc. are considered an “instant purchase,” and they will be added to your bill upon check-out.
  • Disruptive and/or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave, at management’s discretion.  If you need them, muzzles are available for loan, for use in the shop, at no extra charge.
  • Children must be attended by, and under the supervision of, a parent or responsible adult guardian at all times.  We want kids to have fun and enjoy their visit to the shop, but if they break it, you buy it.
  • Please be courteous to our neighbors, and scoop da’ poop.  We offer plastic bags at no charge. Please use them.
  • Play nice, get clean, have fun!